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If you’re interested in discovering these secrets you need to keep an open mind…

…Because the “BIG 3” of the bodybuilding world is determined to keep you misinformed…and to stay profiting from your muscle building frustration.

Who are the “BIG 3” and why do they want to keep these potent muscle building secrets from you:

#1 of the Big 3:

The Black Market of Illegal Steroids

The black market, for illegal anabolic steroids, has estimated sales of up to $400 million a year, according to a NIDA Research Report.

$400 million reasons why any steroid dealer would want to GET RID of me and the secrets I reveal here.

#2 of the Big 3:

Bodybuilding Supplement Companies

Supplement companies don’t want you to have this information either!

U.S. sports nutrition & weight loss product sales grew 14% in 2004 to reach $15.6 billion, according to a new report just released by Nutrition Business Journal (

Yep, you read that right $15.6 billion!

Can you imagine a supplement company wanting to let out information which says their supplement is worthless!

They’ll try to slap me with a lawsuit for revealing their false label claims…and I’ve already been blacklisted from one of the major bodybuilding magazines…for revealing these secrets…but now I can say anything I want with my own website!

#3 of the Big 3:

Bodybuilding Experts and Websites

Bodybuilding experts, whose articles appear in the major bodybuilding magazines and on websites, have an agenda. A livelihood to protect, often making $100,000+ a year!

Mike Mentzer (a famous bodybuilder who went to his death promoting a one set per exercise prescription) is the perfect example. Despite scientific studies and real world proof he stuck to his recommendations.

In the same way, other experts will “try” to discredit these secrets. If you’re ready to believe gains of 45 lbs. can be made in months…not years! Keep reading!

Bryan Kernan

Dear Friend,

If you ever wanted to discover how to get the muscle building benefits of anabolic steroids through DRUG–FREE, ALL-NATURAL alternatives then keeping reading this web page…


Because I’m going to shock the bodybuilding community by revealing the secrets to steroid-like results…with DRUG-FREE tips, tricks, and techniques.

However, there’s one BIG problem!

I’m putting myself at risk (even my life!) by revealing these secrets… because million dollar supplement companies, black market steroid dealers, and bodybuilding experts all have an enormous financial investment at risk if these secrets get out.

And they’ll do anything to keep these secrets from you!

But, when you see the astounding muscle gains they produce you’ll know what powerful physique changing tools you now have in your possession.

A big and bold promise I know!

So I’ll jump right into a muscle building study to whet your appetite …and prove to you what I claim is true…

Landmark Study Proves A “Special High Carbohydrate and Protein Supplement” Performs On Par With Anabolic Steroids!

It’s true!

In 1988, scientists divided weightlifters in to 3 different groups* to measure the effects of a specific liquid high carbohydrate supplement over a 15-week period.

Group #1 – Control group. Took no supplement or anabolic steroids.

Group #2 – Supplement + Steroid Group.

Group #3 - Supplement only group.

All of the groups participated in a weightlifting program for the 15 week period.

The shocking results!

As you can see the LCD displays this person’s resting metabolic rate is 1,420 calories.

Now they can begin to build a nutrition program…knowing with 100% certainty…their program will produce results.

You can do the same when you use this trick!

And here are some more tricks you can use to get your body growing muscle in less than 24 hours…

  • The “cut and paste” trick all successful drug free bodybuilders, athletes, models and movie stars use to get any physique changes they crave!

  • The secret power of “the ultimate physique transformation team” celebrities use to transform themselves for any role they play—overnight! ( Now you can use these same tricks to create jaw dropping changes in your physique in as little as 7 days!)

  • If you’ve ever wanted to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon…here’s how!

  • How to use “metaphysical magic” to literally create muscle with your mind! This has to be experienced to be believed. Unleash your genetic limits with this trick!

  • The “stealing the physique” trick I (and others in the know) use to literally create any body we want. (Taken right from the major bodybuilding magazines, websites, and supplement ads!)

  • The “trying on the body suit” technique (which your mind will reject and laugh at) which literally forces your body to jump start it’s anabolic processes…instantly!

  • How to use a simple 11 word question which will melt away all obstacles in your physique changing path

  • What a scrawny 155 lb. weakling said to himself to get through the infamous Hell Week to become a Navy Seal (You can use these same words to accomplish anything you want. Smash new personal bests records in all your exercises and watch your weight jump every time you get on the scale with this secret!)

  • 4 questions to ask yourself in order to “get an adrenaline rush” before you begin your workout (Forget energy drinks and pill…this will have you wanting to destroy the weights in your path!)

  • The secret trick (using tattoos, medallions, and plants) to transcend all limitations of your genetic ability and take your muscle building potential beyond all limitations!

  • The “binding yourself to a goal technique” used by ancient warriors and crusaders to reach a goal at warp speed. (Set yourself on muscle building autopilot with this trick…

“Unusual” Muscle Gain Supplement Is Another Drug-Free Alternative!

In this study, 20 patients (who were losing weight) were given a high energy liquid supplement fortified with EFA over a 7 week period to measure it’s effects.

Surprisingly subjects gained an average of 4.4 lbs. of mostly muscle in the face of a catabolic state (more extreme than weight lifting).

The patients also indicated increased performance, dietary intake, and appetite…creating an anabolic state from a catabolic one!

*Source: Barber MD, et al: The effect of an oral nutritional supplement enriched with fish oil on weight loss in patients with pancreatic cancer. British Journal of Cancer 1999;81(1):80-86.

The number of weapons you’ll have in your muscle building arsenal is unbelievable!

Here’s more….

  • The double P principles which guarantee a way to get your 42 meals, gym workouts, cardio activity, and still be able to work 40+ hours a week!

  • The “trigger” which unleashes the power of any bodybuilding program and the only way you’ll ever get muscle gains of 15-20 lbs. of new muscle!

  • 3 sure fire steps to implement into your training program right now which will put you light years head of 99.9% of bodybuilders in the gym!

  • 2 quick and easy ways to uncover the secret “muscle building and fat burning tricks” of any program you go on (Forget about second guessing yourself with these 2 secrets at your disposal!)

  • How to “program your mind” to uncover all the muscle building secrets you’ve got in your possession right now!

  • How to use an “advance/feedback guidance system” I’ve developed to make sure you hit with 100% certainty every bodybuilding goal you set. (I can take any 135 lb. weakling and turn them into a mass monster with this one trick!)

  • How to instantly tell if your nutrition, training, or supplement program needs to be tweaked. (If you’re not seeing results in 7 days you need to be using this trick!)

  • How to customize any bodybuilding nutrition, training, and supplement program to fit your exact genetic and biochemical needs (Remember no two people are exactly alike. Your body might respond to something else! Here’s how to find out!)

  • The 4 critical numbers of every bodybuilding program and how to manipulate each one to give you the exact muscle gain and fat burning results. (You can focus on 1 of these critical factors or all 4 for astounding results!)

  • A simple little tool (which looks like something from your geometry class in high school) which can transform any muscle building and fat burning program into a study on their secrets!

  • How to avoid the “lies of the scale” when it comes to your total body weight. (99.9% of bodybuilders literally sabotage their results because of this misinformation!)

  • 3 easy steps to accurately and effortlessly measure your body fat percentage!

  • A chart for men and women to find out whether you are lean, ideal, average, or over fat!

  • A step-by-step worksheet takes you by the hand to find out your total bodyweight, lean muscle mass, and fat mass (This means you know whether your program is working…instantly!)

  • How you automatically create the ultimate “muscle building blueprint” every time you use these bodybuilding “tracking” tools. (Now you’ll be able to duplicate your 10,15,20 and 25 pound muscle gains every time you feel like it!)

  • How I broke the “sacred rule” of fat loss nutrition and shed fat faster than ever before (Fat-loss myths shattered!)

  • The Ultimate Food Guide with 70 of the top muscle building and fat burning foods responsible for more than half of all muscle built in the history of bodybuilding…

Gain Up To 8.32 lbs. Of Pure Muscle With

This Supplement Stack!

It’s a mathematical fact!

[65 (grams protein) x 4 (calories per gram of protein) x 112 (number of days in 16 weeks) / 3500 (number of calories equal to one pound)] = 8.32 lb. lean mass!

In this bodybuilding muscle formula protein alone accounts for the extra calories needed to build the muscle. A normal protein supplement won’t work in this equation though. The problem is it won’t be absorbed by the body.

For this formula to work you need 100% protein absorption by the body. There is only one company I know of whose come up with a successful supplement stack capable of making this formula work.

And they produce more natural bodybuilders than any one on earth!

This includes:





Put them together and they still couldn’t produce the natural bodybuilders this company manages to do year after year! (I discovered them by accident when I learned they had one of the top muscle building doctors working for them.)

You need to be using their supplements if you are serious about all natural muscle gains.

And finally, the rest of the tricks, tips, and techniques…

  • How to “walk the line” between overtraining and under-training (This is where 99.9% of bodybuilders mess up in their workouts. Train too little and you don’t grow…too much and you break down muscle!)

  • Why the so called “experts” are dead wrong in estimating your calorie intake for gaining muscle weight…and “the can’t fail” way (using high-tech gadgets never seen before) to discover exactly how much energy it takes YOU to build muscle at a world’s record pace!

  • Why estimating your calorie intake with an equation is “old time bodybuilding” and how to use the latest technology for accurate and customized calorie needs

  • A quick and easy 5-step calorie formula (with example) that can help you can up to 7 lbs. in the first 7 days you use it. And each week after that more gains or made. (This formula connects the dots for you and turns you into a monster mass packing machine…overnight!)

  • 3 of the most popular bodybuilding nutrition equations blown out of the water by a new nutrition breakthrough. (Odds are if you’re reading any bodybuilding magazine you’re using these equations!)

  • How a hand-held “breathing device” instantly (within 5 minutes) measures your resting metabolic rate (Your resting metabolic rate accounts for up to 70% of your daily calorie intake. Start with the wrong number and you’ll be spending years in frustration in the gym!)

  • The #1 reason why you can’t gain muscle as fast as you want! (Change this one variable and watch your muscle gains go through the roof. Muscle jumps of 10, 15, 20 – even 25 lbs. will become routine for you!)

  • The specific number of calories you should never go below or risk heart, circulation, and breathing problems!

  • How a small technology company (you’ve never seen in the bodybuilding magazines) came up with the single biggest breakthrough in bodybuilding. (More powerful than creatine, NO2, and all the andro products combined it will be responsible for more muscle than anything ever conceived!)

  • How performing a simple chore, like cutting the grass, could put your muscle gains in jeopardy!

  • How to fatigue your muscles into growing – whether they want to or not!

  • A 4 phase bodybuilding training program (separated into 4 week intervals) designed to explode your muscle and strength gains through the roof (Watch your strength jump by as much as 50% in a matter of weeks!)

  • One of the secret variables under all bodybuilder’s control which can adjust your muscle building thermostat up or down!

  • How to use the breakthrough technology of a “page device” to overcome the dreaded “bodybuilding gray area” of muscle building and fat burning (Now you’ll know with 100% confidence whether your body is in an anabolic state or a catabolic one!)

And much more!

I’ve put together all of these secrets in e-book form to be downloaded to your computer in the next 5 minutes.

Illegal Muscle Gains—Safely, Legally, And All Naturally!

The e-book outlines the entire program and has all the tricks I told you about in this letter…in a step by step fashion.

And if you do me a special favor, I’ll reduce the price of the book for you from $47 to $27.

What’s the special favor?

I want to you download the book onto your computer…in the next 5 minutes. Read it through and apply it to your body. Watch the magically muscle building results…and then send me a success story.

You see, I’m in the product launching stage of this product. This is my third e-book in bodybuilding and I believe it’s something special. You will too when you see it. (And you’ll be really surprised when the full version comes out!)

In fact, here’s some testimonials (proving the power of my muscle building secrets) from two of my previous e-books:

Dear Bryan,

I am writing to thank you again for writing your book "Supplement Secrets Revealed". There is so much information in it that you just can't find anywhere else. I have read it through twice, and I refer to it often as a reference book.

I have ordered a few times from the suppliers you recommend and have saved a lot of money. I figure I'll save at least $500 per year on supplements, and actually get more product.

And as for your stacking reccomendations... I gained 12 lbs. the first 6 week cycle following your advice. I see strength increases every time I go to the gym. I am half way through my second cycle and have gained another 4 or 5 lbs. so far.

Jerry Parker

Hi Bryan,

I have been using your formula's for about 3 weeks now, and I have gained 6 pounds and can tell a big difference. Thanks for the advice and the awesome formulas.

Lenny Weiner

I also did it again with my second book called The Bio-genetic Weight Gain Program. In this book I uncovered some secrets on how to slap on pounds of muscle at alarming rates.

Here are some examples of extreme physique changes based on my secrets:

"Gained 33 lbs. Of Muscle"

Everything is going well for me at the moment. I have been following the program (Bio-Genetic Weight Gain System) since October and I am really happy with my progress. I have gone from 192lbs to 225lbs. A gain of 33 pounds in just a few short months.


— Paul Collins,

United Kingdom

"13 lbs. In Just 3 Weeks!"


I have been following the advise from your Bio-Genetic Weight Gain E-book. I purchased the program 3 weeks ago and I have been very pleased with the outcome. I have gained 6 kg (13 lbs.) in that time by following the diet plan plus I have been doing your weights regiem.

Thanx mate. You're a champion.

— Lee Whitworth,

Perth Australia

"Put 40 lbs. on his Bench and 90 lbs. on his Squat"

I'm 41 years young. I think it was Wednesday Sept. 24, 2003 I downloaded and printed the Bio-Genetic Muscle Building Book. I've read it cover to cover. I started working out 2 years ago and I've made some decent gains, but am always wanting more. Since I read your Bio-Genetic Program, I changed my diet and training radically.

I'm 4 weeks into this now. The biggest hurdle I've had is getting paste 225 on the flat bench. When I started this program, I could get one, maybe two reps with a spot - now I do 4 or 5 WITHOUT a spot.....7 or 8 with a spot to force them out. Earlier this week, I did 265 for one rep! More than 40 pounds on my bench in 4 weeks.

When I started 4 weeks ago, 225 for squats was pushing it. I just did 315 for squats today and it wasn't too hard. People are noticing that I'm putting on alot of size in my chest, shoulders and arms. This program is working!

Thanks for the program and all the good info.

I'll keep you posted.

Scott Miller


I expect the results from this program to be even more dramatic!

This is why I’m offering it to you for only $27 at this moment. (FACT: The price will go up soon!)

To sweeten the deal I’ll also throw in 2 FREE bonus reports (valued at $19 each) and give you a $25 discount on the full version when it is released. That’s a total value of $110 for only $27.

FREE Bonus #1 For Responding Right Now: Fat-Loss Secrets Revealed

FREE Bonus #2 For Responding Right Now: The Infamous Secret Formulas For Extreme Steroid-like Muscle Gain of Proven Scientific Studies (These are the ones in the yellow boxes I talk about in this letter.)

This E-book Also Offers You The “100% Guaranteed Protection Of Your $27”

You’ll also be covered by my 100% Guarantee. This means if for any reason you want a refund, I’ll give you a same-day refund with no questions asked.

But I’m also going to give you a warning here. The program requires you to follow the steps to get the results. If you have no desire to do this please don’t order the program.

I’m looking for a few individuals with a desire and belief to do the impossible: Instantly Transform Their Physique!

If you think you are one of the few with the desire to let these secrets work for, then click on the link here to order.

You will be sent the download information within 24 hours of the time you order!

Note: This comes in PDF format so it can be read on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe).  If you need a copy of Acrobat Reader you can get it here


Bryan Kernan

Bryan Kernan, Physique Transformation Inc.

P.S. – Remember you only have a short time to download the e-book before it gets yanked…and replaced by the more expensive option! Act now!

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